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Pedodontic Child Tooth

Preparing Your Children for a Healthy Future …

Implant Applications

Loss of Teeth Psychological and Social Problems

Laser Tooth Treatment

Permanent Tooth Whitening…

Teeth whitening

Come to Diş Park, Happy Smile to You Now…

Who are we?

Diş Park
Dt. Emin AKIN
Dt. Emin AKIN

Dentist Emin AKIN has been serving dental health in its own private clinic in Manavgat since 1984. On the occasion of the increasingly sick patient potential, a larger study staff was taken as the outpatient clinic and the Special Dişpark Oral and Dental Health Policlinic was opened on 2 June 2012.

From the founders of Dişpark, Dt. Emin Akın and Child Dentistry Specialist Dr. Ayten Akın Sönmez offers services with dentists, each of whom specializes in their own discipline. Private Dişpark Oral and Dental Health Policlinic, adopting the concept of “maximum service for the patients” in a hygienic environment equipped with the latest technology, has become the address of Manavgat ‘s service which is wanted in health care.

Our private dental services

Pediatric Dentistry

Dear Mom and Dad, who have a duty to prepare their children for a healthy future! Do not forget that your children will have a mouth and dental health check up to 13-14 years of age.

Laser Tooth Treatment

Permanent tooth whitening, gingival diseases and symmetrical image services, painless tooth treatments, in short, an ideal service for those who are afraid of going to the dentist.


Loss of teeth leads to psychological and social problems as well as nutrition, digestive problems and speech disorders. We are waiting for you to be exposed to these problems.

Teeth whitening

Are you ashamed of laughing with your yellowed and stained teeth? Happy laughs come with white teeth. Come to the toothpick, now you have a happy smile …

Success Stories

An application that took 48 hours

For teeth with significant structural damage, coating is often inevitable.

Treatment Steps:

  • Fill in a tooth that is severely broken or will not break in the future.
  • Older types of amalgam fillings can cause cracks around the fill while causing pain during chewing.
Tooth Whitening Application – Erva Sezin

With the help of special solutions and tools developed to obtain this smile, we need painless and painless treatment.

Treatment Stages

  • Clinical bleaching practices
  • App bundles for home
  • Smoking and similar consumptions affect the duration and permanence of white appearance.

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